Day 99 - Party like its 1999 / by eric teran

The first day in the hotel and we have to figure out our routine. The free breakfast (or $150 breakfast with a free room) was pretty good. Better than our home made breakfast. Kind of like a Sunday brunch. Not bad. 

What was really good is that the siding is done. 100% done. All installed. Three days and they even picked up all the trash. True professionals. I like it. The house looks good. Not to pat myself on the back but it looks sleek. Great colors (thanks Daniela) and a well proportioned designed. This is not the house of my dreams but fits very well in the neighborhood and will have great resale value. Hey ... if someone offer us enough money we will sell it. Any buyers?

How about that? Getting close. 

A slightly different angle. We will be planting a tree by the Carbide sign in the foreground. 

A clear upfront view of the home. Yes it is now feeling like a home. Casa Tortuga is almost habitable. 

We did not go cheap on the side yard. I dislike homes that throw the cheapest material on the sides and back. Our home is true throughout. 

The side yard adjacent to the garage. We still have to paint the doors and their frames. Oh so close. 

There is the modular home. Looks just like any other home on the block. 

We also had to go back to the apartment one more time to finish moving everything out. There were a few things and just to make it exciting we had 27 minutes to move everything out, sign the move out papers and pick up Pedro at noon. GOOOOOOOOOOOO. We made it with 2 minutes to spare. 

Where  once there was a HOME there is now just space.