Day 98 - 5th Floor Please / by eric teran

Daniela was right (again, you already new that) about the packing. There was still more to do. I didn't think there would be so much but there was. Another three SUV car loads. Rudy came over to help clean and patch up all the holes in the apartment while I packed the rest of the stuff. Half of it went to the house and the other half to the hotel. The only problem was that I did not finish until 3:15 am. Needless to say the first night in the hotel was no fun for me. However, Pedro had a blast. He was very excited to go to the hotel. At least he was happy about the entire situation. 

On the construction front I finally got Walter to show up. This guy is a mystery. Disappears and the reappears. Not good for my team. He did manage to finish a few things but I need it all done. 

Kitchen sink faucet installed! With the deep sink and high faucet we can pile up dirty dishes for days!