Day 100 - One hundred / by eric teran

I did not expect to write 100 days of a blog showing the construction of my home. Optimistically it should have been 80. Realistically I thought 105. Reality will be more around 120. We move out of the hotel on May 27th. We still have to buy the hardwood floors. That is the last major purchase.

Stressed ....... a little.

Why only a little? This is not a big problem in the big scheme of things. I'm healthy (lacking sleep) and my family is as well. Daniela is struggling but getting through her pregnancy. That is our biggest challenge right now. Making sure Daniela is in good spirits and Tadeo is born healthy and strong. Siblings of Autistic children have a 25% of being autistic as well. This is a concern. Why worry until we know it to be true? The house will get built and we will move in. That is priority number four. First the baby, then Daniela, then Pedro and then Casa Tortuga and I almost forgot Shadow. It has been hard to keep those priorities in the right order throughout these 100 days. All we can do is try and try harder each and every day. 

Almost there. Almost.