Day 91 - Installation / by eric teran

No Rudy today but Jose was there to finish the entry porch. It looks really good. Really good. We just have to finish the post and then paint. I did not take into account all this work for the entry porch. I am glad I have some extra architecture jobs on the side to pay for these cost overruns.

Other than that we packed more boxes. Tadeo's room is full of boxes.

The plumber finally showed up today and began final installation. It looks like Pedro's and Tadeo's  bathroom will be completed first so at least we have one fully functioning bathroom. Hopefully that is enough to pass final inspection.

Stone all installed except for the ledger. I now need some wood to place around the window. I will do that after we back fill the hole. Yes this is on the backside of the house but I despise it when people get cheap on the back. 

Jose installing the ceiling to the porch. Jose is a keeper. I love my big windows!

Dishwasher fits under the counter! Progress!