Day 90 - Not Done / by eric teran

The IKEA kitchen still sits undone. So close. Maybe about 2 hours and it would be done but I can't manage to get those two hours. The stone guy was supposed to come as well but then called and said he had an emergency on another project. Just to stay consistent the drywall installed and plumber both failed to show up. A productive Saturday is turning into just another day.

The good thing is that today we finished lots of small things. Also Jose the carpenter was here all day working on the entry porch. I will definitely recommend and hire Jose again. He is very professional. The stone guys came as well. All the stone is complete. Except for the ledger which is also called a water table or water fall or stone trim/cap and who knows what else.  Those guys are coming Monday.

Jose installing some blocking in between the rafters.

I did some more pacing as we went looking for the ever elusive wood floor. Next time I will pick out the floor before the kitchen cabinets. We actually found one that was amazing but cost twice what we can afford. It was almost $10 per square foot. Way too much. We need some money left over to buy It furniture.

Ceiling tounge and grove being installed.