Day 89 - Packing / by eric teran

Packing. Today we packed again. Hopefully we pack almost everything this weekend. The apartment feels so much better without so much stuff everywhere. I am under the belief that the more space you have the more junk you acquire. Junk Sucks.

I had Rudy yesterday put tape in all the locations that required fixing up for the drywaller on the 1st adn 2nd floor. There are 37 locations. Most of them are pretty small but some of them are big. It is at least a days worth of work. Time to spend more money.

The biggest news of the day is that we now have a hotel that we will call home for 3 weeks. Daniela convinced me to do one more week just in case. It is called Homewood Suites in Springfield and has free breakfast, light dinner, pool and pets are allowed.

Good times