Day 88 - Thursday / by eric teran

I woke up early to build Pedro and Tadeo's bathroom vanity from IKEA. After 87 minutes I was done. Actually I still need some sealant to glue the vanity to the cabinet but I will do that Saturday morning. IKEA stuff is so easy to put together.

Vanity installed!

Rudy also came today and at first I thought I only had a list of 3 to 4 things for him to do but eventually it turned into 9 items. Lots of small things that need to get done.

I almost forgot to mention that Dominion approved everything yesterday! We are now on their construction schedule which means we will have power sometime between 10-15 days. Maybe sooner. The city of Alexandria also approved their inspection of the utility connections. A big baby step!

Dominion and their cute little white flags. Power coming soon.

Once I realized that the schedule to move into the house depended on getting power I have been a little more relaxed. What can we do? Even though we now have to live in a hotel for a week or two I'll just take it as it comes. I just look at it as a place for Pedro to be in the pool for those two weeks. We are also discovering that even though Shadow is an added responsibility there seems to be less tension at home with everything going on. It makes us stop and relax and just pet him. Cleaning up the occasional poop and pee on the carpet is no big deal. Always look on the bright side of life.