Day 64 - A Long List / by eric teran

Beginning of the week and it looks like it will be a busy one! The amazing part is that I did not even go to the property. It was all done through the phone. Thanks to Mr. Alexander Graham Bell.

Here is a list of what will be accomplished this week

  1. Stone siding installed. We need the weather to cooperate.

  2. Rough plumbing to be completed by Wednesday.

  3. Rough electrical to be completed by Wednesday.

  4. Main porch post, beam, and deck to be completed by Saturday.

  5. The side deck to be completed by Saturday.

  6. Water to be installed by Thursday

  7. Gas service hooked up by Friday. Maybe Monday but soon!

  8. Final backfill and grading around house to be completed by Wednesday.

  9. Kitchen counter tops to be measured and installed by the 13th

  10. Drywall mud sanding by midweek.

  11. Painting 1st and second floor late in the week.

  12. IKEA cabinets fully installed by Sunday.

  13. Kitchen appliances installed by Sunday.

Lucky number 13! I will be happy achieving 10 of the 13. I will be satisfied with 7. I am expecting to do all 13!!!