Day 62 - Fix it Again / by eric teran

I picked up Rudy and one of his friends to help me all day. Miguel never responded so no more Miguel for me. Lots of small things to do today. The first task was to tear apart the prefabricated stairs to the basement. The stairs are beautiful; however, they are completely wrong. Rudy carefully removed each tread and riser so that we could use them tomorrow when we rebuild the stairs.

The soon to be demolished stair. It was a nice piece of work expertly made.

Moving the electric heater to the basement on a ladder. I can't wait for the stairs to be installed.

I also had them fix the construction entry again with the silt fence. This is probably the 5th time fixing it. With all the rain the area fills with water due to the soils being clay the first 24”. Clay is horrible for draining. 

During this time I was with Daniela and Pedro shopping for our countertops. I do not like shopping. My shopping limit is 29 minutes before I start to get anxious. Luckily Daniela does not mind shopping.

Daniela has a great eye for finishes. I could never be an interior designer. I would just make everything one color. Daniela brings a pop to my life with her colors. We found two places that carried Silestone which is what we want. We also found out that whoever we  buy from they all buy from the same manufacturer. Due to this the pricing is not going to be that different. The majority of slab pieces are 55” wide which can fit two standard 25.5” counter tops. However throw in an island with a 36” counter top and you are out of luck. Sometimes they offer a jumbo slab size but we are out of luck. We will have a lot of slab let over so maybe we will now make some other countertop in the house out of Silestone.

I met Anna and John at the house to give them a tour but more importantly they gave me their tile saw cutter. It is a thing of beauty. I can't wait to see it in action. Shortly after they left all our appliances were delivered! We only have to pick out the cooktop. Oh so close to being done.

By now it was time to go home. All day I probably did about three minutes of actual work. Today I was more of a supervisor. I don't like it. I like to get dirty sometime. My plan on finishing the stairs today will have to wait until tomorrow.

As promised Pedro playing in the mud and getting stuck. No that water in the photo is not good. We need to backfill properly ASAP. 

Installing the electric conduit to take the wiring from the house to the detached garage.