Day 61 - No Faux Stone for me / by eric teran

Rain rain go away come again another day. Last night the stone ledger I purchase from Home Depot arrived. I was excited to see it until I saw it. I did not realize that I bought a horrible looking faux stone ledger. Online purchase at midnight is not a good decision. s I can not live with this. They looked horrible. Maybe if it only cost $200 but it was $1180.22. No way. Instead I stayed up late (like normal) and found a place called Easy Stone Center. It states “stop wasting your time researching and call me” so that is what I did. I drove out to the shop and grabbed some samples. I need Daniela to be part of this decision.

I'm glad I did because she thoroughly went through the 6 samples I brought. When I showed her the faux stone it took less than 1.357 seconds to say no and toss it to the side. She then asked for it back and started explaining how easily it would fall apart. No arguing here. It is a two week lead time for the actual stone ledger so we will just have to wait and work around it.

It rained most of the day so I can only imagine how much fun Pedro will have tomorrow.