Day 83 - Lesson Learned / by eric teran

I finally found my finish carpenter. He works during the week with a real company doing big projects so he was using my project as a weekend filler. Let's hope he can finish all the doors and trim so that we can paint sooner rather than later. It is all things small things that are taking time. All the small things.

Of course I picked up Rudy to help for the day. I thought it was going be a half day thing but it turned out to be all day. The main thing is that we placed the refrigerator in the right location. That thing weighs a ton. I spent $20 and bought a dolly because the other day it was a pain to move. Rudy did have the idea of using PVC pipes to roll the refrigerator on them. It worked pretty well but did not work on the tight turns. The refrigerator looks good in its final resting place. However I have another lesson learned. It is a double door where it can open 180 degrees. However since I placed it next to a wall and flush with the counters it only opens 90 degrees. It still looks good but could have been better.

Coming together. One day it will be done. For now it is wrapped and protected. 

Coming together. One day it will be done. For now it is wrapped and protected. 

The great news for the day is that the main siding finally arrived. We ended up staying with Allura because we wanted a smooth siding. We don't like the look of a material being made to look like another material. The majority of fiber cement boards are made to look like wood. We did not like it so we went with smooth. Also we already have the stone which shows lots of detail so we decided the main siding should not compete but rather compliment it. Hopefully it does.

The bad news is that the stone ledger sticks too far out from the wall. I should have ordered 2.5" to 3" and not 4". It is also very heavy. Not good. Damn it! The stone installers are going give me a price on how much it will cost to cut 125 linear feet of stone a few inches. Just add it to the list of lesson learned. 

Stone Ledger sticking out too far and weighs too much.