Day 82 - Utilities Unite / by eric teran

Mike moved the electrical wires from the house about a foot to the North and placed the meter the required distance from the gas meter. Hopefully it is cleared when inspection happens on Tuesday.

Utilities coming together.

I saw the counter tops and they look good. Daniela did a great job in picking out the finishes and colors. The color scheme is brown and grays so that it is a calming feeling. However, the furniture will pop. Maybe some orange or light blue furniture and some fun art on the wall. We figured it would be easier to change the pop rather than the base when we get bored. Anyway the counter top with the built in range and under mount sink is slick. I can't wait to eat in our new kitchen!

Until then I and Rudy moved another 20-30 boxes/furniture and placed more of the appliances in their final locations. It is slowly coming together. Like I say every Friday we will start painting next week. One of these times I have to be right! Just the other night I was right and Daniela was wrong. I am up to about 47 times of being correct in the first 11.6 years of marriage with Daniela. Okay maybe 53.