Day 81 - Moving Along / by eric teran

Packing is what I did. I picked up Rudy at sunrise and we did two trips and took the boxes to Casa Tortuga. We are going store most of it in the attic for now. While I was there the counter tops arrived 127 minutes early. It caught us by surprise because we were moving the refrigerator in place before the counter tops were installed for the simple reason that the refrigerator would not squeeze through into its place once the counter tops are placed. We did not put the refrigerator in its final place but we at least got it close to its final location. Hopefully on Saturday we get it in place.

The undermount sink being installed with the counter top. Looking nice.

Today we had a scare with Daniela and the baby. When she went to her biweekly check up the doctor noticed that the heartbeat was way to fast, around 180! They told her to go straight to the hospital. Scary and nerve wracking. I left work immediately and met Daniela in the labor/delivery unit of the hospital. It was very nerve wracking. Daniela still has 9 weeks to go. Tadeo cannot be born yet. Finally after 30 minutes Daniela and the baby were observed enough that they determined everything was good. A big relief!!!

The house has to be completed ASAP because we have no idea if Tadeo is coming early. I am glad that the stone ledger arrived today so we can keep working because we have to finish! Time to pack more boxes. 

Tadeo needs his baby room painted and cleaned by June 26th!