Day 80 - I didn't make it / by eric teran

First thing first. I said in the article that the house would be ready in 80 days. Nope. Next time I'll schedule more efficiently. 

So the tiles look much much better. There are about one or two tiles that could be a little better but overall it looks good. The master bathroom is looking great. I can't wait to get it dirty. 

Soon a stand alone tub will be located in front of our beautiful tiled wall. Soon.

The exterior stone work is almost completely done. Only a few more areas on the chimney and that is it. The good news is that the stone ledger will arrive tomorrow so they can finish that as well. Lots of progress.

Lastly I meant with Mike the electrician and we looked over a few items and realized what needs to be done so that the electric meter and gas meter are separated by the required clearances. Let's hope it works.

The good news which is really just better bad news is that we should have electricity sometime around May 15th. Dominion was able to submit for an early permit which saves 5-7 days. I am glad they are working with me. Either way we we will 99% be staying at a hotel or camping for a week. I bet on the hotel.

Daniela finally convinced me to start packing as much as possible before we move out on May 8th. Packing is not fun. We were able to pack 20 boxes. More to go. A lot more.