Day 79 - A Tile(s) out of Place / by eric teran

I made some payments to various contractors. It is a lot of money but it is nice knowing that that phase is complete. Lots of phases.

This morning Daniela went with me to review the tile work. When Daniela gets upset for finish work it is scary. Her tone is strong and she does not let lazy excuses fly. For example why something is not straight or flush. The only excuse is that they were not paying attention or rushed the job and that is not a valid reason. She will ask them how something so bad can come about and they never have an answer. When needed the fiesty Latina temper takes control of the situation and everyone listens. It is awesome to see a room full of construction workers just stand there quietly absorbing the punishment. I know they must be thinking what a pain in the ass but she is right. All day the tile in the secondary bathroom was redone and hopefully it looks good when I see it tomorrow.

One example where the tile is not flush. These walls were bad.