Day 78 - News, Bad News / by eric teran

Bad news but first let's star with the good. I had the plumbing and electrical inspection this morning and both of them passed. However my framing did not because I did not realize that I needed a wall survey check at this point. This survey is to determine if the corners of the house are per the plans that were approved. I did not realize that this was needed for interior framing. I scheduled for a survey on Friday and should have it submitted to the city on Monday. That will once again delay the drywall in the basement.

So that was not the real bad news just a setback. I spoke to Dominion and the plans were approved to move forward. However it is going be very close to our move in date. Our lease is up on May 8th so we have to move out that weekend. Dominion said they probably will not be able to install the power until that Friday or Monday the 8th. Very bad news. We will have everything done with the house by that date except the wood floor. They recommend not installing the wood floors until the house has heating/cooling so that the wood acclimatizes and does not shrink or wrap once installed. 

Needles less to say this is going be extremely close. Too close to call.

The lines from the minisplit running to the condensor unit.