Day 76 - Construction Tour / by eric teran

I woke up early ... wait a minute I always wake up early.  No news there. I

cut some fruit for the open house and for the baby shower that Daniela was hosting for a friend. I went early to the house to set up before the people arrived at 10. I was able to do some final touches and went home to take a shower and shave. I told you I would shave. I also told you I would not sleep much. True and true.

I returned to the house at 9:58 and too my surprise there were already 20 people outside! Damn! No time to even be nervous.

People actually listening to me on a Saturday morning. Pedro doesn't do that. I'm sure when we get a dog it won't listen to me either. At least these people did. 

Throughout the next three hours I gave five tours. The first and last consisted of more than 20 people with the tours in the middle ranging from 4-8 people. The tour started on the main floor where I gave a brief explanation of everything. From there we moved to the basement and then the second floor. The main topics was the modular construction, superior walls, minisplit system and finding the lot. The tour ended outside with a brief explanation on the siding and answering more questions.

It was fun guiding the tour. There were a lot more people than I expected when I first offered to hot a construction tour for Architecture week. I think next time I do a tour I will have times that the tour starts. Maybe every hour.

I quickly closed up and headed to the baby shower.