Day 71 - Getting Closer to Day 80 / by eric teran

So there is no way we will be done by day 80. However, my original goal was Mary 15th but we should be in by May 5th. We have to. Our lease runs out May 6th. It's getting exciting. Today Daniela and Pedro made a plan to pack four boxes each day. That will be 80 boxes by the end of the month. I like that plan. Daniela has been amazing painting Tadeo's furniture and starting to pack. I don't know how she does it being pregnant and going along with my crazy ideas.

So the plumber and electrician did not show up. Enough about that.

I did speak to the gas installer who should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. It is going be a full house tomorrow. However, he did bring up a problem (yes another one) that the electric line might be too close to the gas meter. I have the electric companies regulations and we might be close. Maybe too close. We might have to move the electric line a foot to play it safe. 

The yellow pipe is for gas. The grey wiring is for electric. The spout on the end is for water. Hopefully the water doesn't spring a leak which in turns shorts the electric panel which happens to ignite the escaping gas. Oh the stories we tell. Not to worry when all is said and done the proper clearance will be maintained.

An amazing thing happened today. My fence installer blew my expectation. I will have photos of this tomorrow. It was 110' of fence that had to be installed but before he could begin he had to remove a lot of shrubs, cut branches and move around some dirt. Originally he told me it would take two days. I figured three. He called me at 16:30 and told me he was done! I asked, "Everything or just clearing all the brush away?" and he replied, "Everything. Can you pay me?" Of course I can pay him. The only problem was that I was 23 minutes away and I wasn't going home anytime soon. We agreed to meet tomorrow. It is a nice looking fence. 

Let's hope tomorrow goes as well!