Day 70 - ARGGGGGGGGHHHH / by eric teran

The frustration part comes in to play when there is a lot to do but only baby steps are being made. My plumber did not show up all week. This is not good! Not good at all. I need this completed now. I decided to leave a voice mail and gave him until Monday to finish everything. After that I'm reducing his fee by $100 a day. It is costing me money and it is not professional at all to give a deadline which is repeatedly missed. It is also not fair for the other workers that I have lined up because they can't do anything until they finish. 

Enough venting. Daniela and Pedro did some more painting. Our friend Juan came over again and I'm glad he did because he helped me lift the microwave in place. That convection microwave is huge. They sold me on the idea that we can also make cookies in the microwave. I'm a sucker for anything cookie. Just thinking of the cookie made me forget whatever I wrote in the first paragraph. I'm not going proofread today. 

Meal of champions. Technically our first meal in our dining room. 

Today we also began installing the shower pan. There are a lot of steps involved in making the correct pan detail so that it is water proof. A lot. We got to step 5 of 10. 

Since I am not a professional I bought some guides that give the proper slope for drainage. The gray part on the base is called a pan liner which is pretty thick and heavy. Below that we installed plastic along the walls up 30". This is to help with the humidity that will build up during those long stem showers. Can't wait!

Rails installed for one of the kitchen cabinets. So much more to do. I did this in 20 minutes but it has taken 2 weeks because I can't sit and concentrate. Just like Sherman the Octopus with eight arms. Once he used all eight arms on one task he did it perfectly but at first each arm did its own thing. No Good.