Day 69 - Slowly but Surely / by eric teran

Today started out like every weekend does. Picking up Rudy at the 7-Eleven. We have a lot to do today. Like always. In regards to my Monday list I have excepted finish 2 of the items. The water was installed and the kitchen counter tops were measured. Everything else was partially completed. 

My buddy Leo came over to help out on moving the microwave exhaust fan and placing the microwave. Easier said than done. The photo below shows the damage that had to be done to properly locate the microwave. Needless to day it was not fun. I guess the demo part was sort of fun. Who doesn't like to hit a wall with a hammer?

We had to redo the exhaust location as it was 2" too far to the right and 1" too high.

Top of the exhaust vent. The snake shape will be made straight but at least I know the smell will exit the house.

Daniela and Pedro also came by to help paint Tadeo's (our soon to be baby boy) furniture. We figured it would be easier to get this place dirty with paint than our apartment. Only 25 days until or lease runs out!