Day 36 - Nice Sunny Morning / by eric teran

Living and growing up in Southern California until the age of 31 (with an 18 months hiatus to travel the world and visit over 50 countries) I am still dumbfounded when I wake up in the morning and see beautiful sunshine yet I step outside and it is freezing! I do not like that trick from mother nature!

Anyway it is Monday. A day that I like because it means the weekend is almost here! Only another five days until Saturday! Don't get me started with Fridays. Friday just means that Monday is right around the corner. Another evil trick brought upon humanity.

Last night I went to sleep like a human at 22:30. I planned on waking up at 4:00 but my body did not listen to my mind. Instead I slept all the way to 6:47. I remember that time because I had a meeting at 7:00 with the plumber. No breakfast for me but I did shower.

The walk through with the plumber was good and I expect to have a proposal in the next 2-3 days. I made him commit to completing the job by the 17th. Now we have to wait and see how much he wants to charge. Don't tell him but I don't have anyone else lined up. The other three guys that were providing bids did not understand the modular process and how most of it was already complete.  

After that I met with the Jose the Excavator and we are on track to have the detached garage footing and underlay ready for our Wednesday concrete pour. I have had many people ask me way I did a detached garage. There is a simple explanation and it has all to do with habitable square feet (SF) of living space. On my lot I was allowed to have 25% of my lot size which roughly comes out to 2,500 SF. If the garage is attached the area of the garage counts towards those 2,500. If it is detached it does not count. This allows for maximum use of the property. 

I was ready to go to work until I decided to take photos of my beautiful wall from the basement. The majority would not notice but I did (my dad and brother would probably notice as well) that one of the walls was not level by at least 5/8"   

I see it. Just a little off!

I ran to get my pickaxe and hammer and went to work. I was able to get it to be almost level. I am only off by 3/16”. I will always know this and will have to live with this forever ever. As I climbed out of the hole I then noticed that one of the post was an inch in front of the window. NOOOO! My perfection brain would not have this. I called over the excavator and we pushed it with force. Some of the screws flew off but it now looked good. They agreed to fix it before they back fill that area. I hope that is true.

View from basement bedroom.This is going have a nice view when all said and done.