Day 35 - This Sunday We Did Not Rest / by eric teran

There was one mission this weekend and that was to finish the waterproofing on the superior Walls. Superior Walls claim to be damp proof due to the concrete being 5000 psi. However damp proof is different from waterproof. I picked up Benjamin around 7:30 when it was still 23 degrees outside to apply the second coat. This time I made sure to tell him to make it thicket and not to worry about using up all the sealant.

After dropping him off I went to Home Depot where I bought more stuff and at the same time returned some as well. This is the beauty of American shopping. Other parts of the world do not except returns. There are a lot of other places with better prices and more knowledgeable staff than Home Depot but Home Depot is always conveniently located and open extended hours.

Drain extending to where the window well will be located to the below grade drain. Water is a basement #1 enemy and getting it out of the way ASAP is key. Also, notice the great waterproofing that will protect my walls for eons.

The plan was to work all day. That plan was quickly rescheduled as Pedro had a birthday party to attend. After three hours of bounce houses, pizza and cake I returned to my own playground of dirt and power tools. In addition to the waterproofing that Benjamin was working on we had to finish the basement egress window walls and drain so we can back fill on Monday. We can't do anything on the exterior until we back fill. Benjamin could only work half day and luckily he finished painting. When I dropped him off I met Rudy.

We had 3.5 hours to finish the wall and drains and it was going to be close. Rudy worked on digging a hole to find the drain pipe to connect the window well drain. Luckily it was all under compacted stone so it was easy to find and dig. While he was doing that I was measuring and screwing all the 2 x 6 to the post. Doing this yesterday by myself was hard and time consuming!  It was worth $60 to have Rudy there! Yes, Daniela insisted that I get someone to help and yes she was right. Again.

The goal for the window well was to be 34.5” from the basement window. However, the final measurement was it 30” and 31”. Due to time and laziness we did not want to dig or excavate anymore. I'll live with it. We leveled the corners, drilled more screws and removed all the temporary support. Amazingly with two people we finished!  Everything was level! A long day day and longer weekend comes to a close.

Two window wells. This could have easily been completely in a day. Once we back fill and complete the siding we will stain the wood.  We will soon have a fun filled basement.