Day 34 - Entertaining Pedro All Day / by eric teran

Writing a blog everyday is a commitment. I am glad we will be done between 75-90 days. Traditional construction would take 364 days! I would go insane writing that blog.

Today was a late start in terms of construction starting times. For a rock star we would still be early. We arrived at the site around 13:17 to work. In between playing in the puddle, sliding down the dirt, hammering rocks, using the pick ax and testing every window multiple times to open and close the construction site managed to entertain Pedro for 6.5 hours. This proves that a place not intended for kids is much better than TV or any playground out there. Perhaps I'll start renting the construction site to desperate parents in need of sleep on the weekend. 

While Pedro was doing all that I was trying to build a wall for the window wells. There are prefabed window wells for $600 online but they look ugly and fake. Even though I am all about prefab to save time I am also about making it look good for a low price. As I was taught in Spanish “Bueno Bonito Barato” are the three B’s to the philosophy of life. Good, Pretty and Cheap. 

The beginning of the wall building. Those two clamps were my extra hands. Notice my lovely Dewalt Drill just waiting to be used again. 

Daniela loves to remind me that I veer towards the barato on most of my decisions. As usual she is right. Even though this wall is not prefab it will be cost less. All the pressure treated wood cost around $400, another $40 in screws, and a $99.99 Dewalt power drill. This is how I am buying my tools. I save on the job at hand and I buy the power tools to complete the job. I like my justification. Once we are nearing completion on the exterior work of the house we will stain the Wood and add some planting.

Trying to build this wall by myself and looking out for Pedro was much more time consuming than I was prepared for. I managed to build the back of one wall but I will need a lot more time and focus tomorrow if I am to finish. All I know is that the part I built looks level. For now.

The top was level! Wood is heavy! Tomorrow I will try to finish the two walls.

As it was getting darker we still had to wait for the IKEA cabinets to arrive. My initial plan was to stay here all night and put the cabinets together. I'm an optimist. The delivery guys were 47 minutes late for their delivery window of 14:00 - 18:00. As we waited Daniela called The Chicken Place to have some chicken ready for us to take home and eat. That is some good chicken! The cabinets finally arrived and we offloaded everything into the kitchen. A kitchen in a box. How exciting. I'll get to these next weekend.

Lots of boxes ... a fox in a box with socks. Dr. Seuss.