Day 33 - How About a Story / by eric teran

Today I did go to the property for 20 minutes to meet with the mechanical contractor. My original mechanical guy backed out on me after seeing that there was going be more work than anticipated. I planned to have Excel install all the lines necessary for a minisplit system in the factory in the hopes that the only work required in the field would be to install the individual units in each room. I found out that would not be the case two weeks ago when Excel called me with bad news. They installed all the wiring and lines incorrectly. Instead they would give me credit and let me keep all the cooper already installed. 

I thought we would be able to salvage something but nothing and that was confirmed with both mechanical subcontractor. It looks like I will be spending a little more than anticipated. The reason we are using a Minisplit System is two fold. One because they are more efficient by having each room be the exact temperature the users want it to be. That increases human comfort and happiness. The other reason is that there is no dust blowing around at the beginning of each cycle when it turns on. These systems probably cost an extra $2k-$3k upfront and I'll see in a few years if it was worth it. 

A sketch showing how the individual units are connected to the condenser unit outside. Each unit has the capacity to heat and cool. The red line shown in the diagram is what Excel got wrong. It turns out this was one of the first times they tried to install this system and I have never done this. I assumed (ASS-U-ME) they knew what they were doing. Never assume! This does not take away my love for Excel.

Excel was something that would be worth my money! When we first started they were taking a little longer than I hoped to draw the plans. However, I found out that their parent company declared bankruptcy and would sell of all their subsidiaries. Nooooo!!! With everything that has happened to delay construction and now this. Luckily for me Excel kept working even when some of their people were not being paid! I got lucky that they our house was one they choose to move forward. This went on for a few months. Eventually Excel was bought by Champion Modular, Inc and would soon be at full speed again. The most important thing is that their employees were getting paid again. Numerous people who used other companies lost all their deposit, time and homes. We were very worried for a few weeks. but Excel did not do that to me! They worked on my project without being paid! Another reason why I recommend Excel over any other modular company. The only drawback was that the new Excel no longer carried the countertop my wife really wanted. If Daniela really wants that color we can find it from a retailer and build it onsite. I'm just glad the house was going get built.

Now we just had to get the plans approved and get our bank loan squared away. The good thing is that you all know that we were able to manage somehow. That story is for another day.