Day 32 - Slow Again / by eric teran

Today is the first day that I did not go to the property! After all the excitement the last few days it has considerably slowed down. Now we only have 1 or 2 people working. The day we installed the modular units we had around 10 people working plus another 5-10 curious neighbors. A few of them made requests for an open house. I think I'll do it once we get some of the finishes in and it is safe to walk around.

The hole being opened to build the staircase into the basement. There is a lot of work to do on the inside that requires removing temporary walls/floors and patching up other places due to the stress of the transportation and lifting into place. Within a week all these items will be completed. 

I am partially to blame in not having my subs ready to start their work. I also have to buy lots of materials. Building with systems such as the modular units speeds up construction. That equates to buying all the materials in one or two months. That is expensive! Usually you can put it on your credit card and it would be a few thousand every month. As the construction loans come in you pay off your card and then buy more materials. 

That sounds reasonable. However, every week we are spending around $30,000 on materials and labor. All items for the house will be purchased within a month. Usually that is spread across twelve months! I did not foresee this situation. Right now we are maxed to the limits on our credit cards and I have informed the workers that payment is on the way. I'm glad I gave them a heads up before I allowed them to start their work. 

The good thing is now that the foundation/slab and modular units are set the bank will wire us the 2nd and 3rd draw of the construction loan totaling around $250,000. That will allow us to pay off the credit cards, the labor and give us money to buy more pretty things! 

I'm looking at you Home Depot, Amazon and IKEA!

Finalizing our kitchen cabinet order at IKEA. Pedro has had enough of these shenanigans and Daniela isn't far behind. there is a lot to buy!