Day 59 - Progress / by eric teran

After building the IKEA cabinets there was a space of 5” from the top of the upper cabinets to the ceiling. This looks odd so I decided to go to the house at 6 am and knock out the framing for  a dropped ceiling by 7 am. I got to the house as scheduled and was ready to go until I plugged in for power. Nothing. These are the fall backs from using your neighbors electricity. These are minor setbacks are still better than having to deal with the electrical company and temporary power. 

Instead I did some cleaning and organizing. Amazingly at 7:00 am the drywall installer arrived. We walked through the house and he was set to go. By the time I left at 8 am he was flying through patching all the holes. They promised by Monday that the 1st and 2nd floors will be ready for paint. That is very exciting!

Drywall patching has finally begun! Slowly we make progress. However, this would normally take place around day 200 on a stick build.

Only 30 minutes late but Juan did show up. We agreed on the installation process for the stone siding and the decks. Juan says he can start the decks immediately but I don't think I have enough money to buy all the materials until I get another payment from the bank. I guess I will be doing some budgeting tonight to see if I can make it magically happen. Either way the stone is underway. The two layers of #15 Building paper and metal lath were installed. Tomorrow they will start with the corners and then the rest of the wall. 

Tonight I picked up a Home Depot truck to get our refrigerator from HHGreg and the water heater blocking our door. I picked up a friend, Nathan who really helped me. We dropped off both items at the house around 9:00 pm and satisfied of a job well done. The stone ledger for the stone siding also arrived. I bought the ledger from Home Depot and the stone from Build Direct and in the darkness they did not compliment each other to well. Hopefully tomorrow morning in the daylight it will look better. I hope. 

Before I went home I climbed up the ladder to check out the plumbing connections. They look nice. All glued and sloping as necessary. The only disappointing part was that I realized it will be way too complicated to drop the shower pan so that the finish floor of the shower and bathroom in the master bathroom are level. We will have to have a step. Win the big battles and lose the small ones.