Day 55 - Cherry Blossoms / by eric teran

A few weeks ago awe went to Pittsburgh to relax to meet some friends. That was the weekend were I slept 8 hours two nights in a row. That seems like a lifetime ago. Now those friends came to our house. Today was a day of relaxation. We went to see the cherry blossoms to have a picnic and take some photos at the Tidal Basin.

We did go to the house to give our friends a tour and unload the car of IKEA cabinets. I was itching to stay to work. Daniela just gave me the look and we went back home to have a barbecue.

Actually it was a monster barbecue in that we made food for 20 people but only 12 came and 4 of those were kids. Lots of food left over. It was fun and I even took a nap on the grass. Yes, a nap. Miracles do exist. As much as I wanted to work (I really did) it was a great day for relaxation. 

The back filling of the trenching was almost done. There was lots of hard rock so they will finish the work on Monday.