Day 54 - Never Enough Communication / by eric teran

The first thing I did this morning was to measure the stairs. I had a bad feeling that they were not built correctly for the space that it needs to fit. By code we have to have 80" clear from the nose of the tread to the ceiling above. We have exactly 80" if the stairs are built correctly. It turns out stairs treads and risers are bigger than what works by code. The stairs are wrong!!! This is what can go wrong when building in the factory. Even though I sent them a drawing and specifically told them the tight restrictions regarding the head clearance I did not communicate clearly enough the requirements. If I used the stairs that were delivered I would be 12” off the required clear height.

Everyday there is a new crises. This is why during construction the owner should not know everything as they would go crazy. Let the Contractor and Architect do their jobs and it will be alright. Too bad I'm all three. 

Other than that I had to relocate a post for the porch. The reason is that the sewer line trench will go through this location. Of course it started to rain and I  only had 12 minutes to do it because I had to pick up Pedro from preschool. I did it with 2 minutes to spare, mud filled shoes, and a soaked jacket. Good times.

Sewer line connected to the sewer main. I didn't see it when they opened it to make the connection but it must have smelled. I'm sure there was at least 2 or 3 cockroaches. At least.

Storm Drain that will have to be connected to eventually. Today it is all about the sewer line.

Later in the night, actually 20 minutes until IKEA closed I managed a quick trip to buy the extra cabinets. Once again I managed to fit everything in the car. Our poor car is being abused. Daily. It is a workhorse.