Day 53 - Everybody Poops / by eric teran

I met LCS Site Services this morning at 7:30.  After taking a year to decide who to use for my site work I finally settled on them and I am glad I did. Ther are excellent workers. They will take two days to dig a 10'-0" trench about 80'-0" long and connect to the main sewer line in the middle of the street. 

The area in the street that will be excavated. It will be about 5'-0" wide and 10'-0" deep.

Temporary walls being installed in the trench. It's deep!

Today LCS will dig the street portion of the trench and get everything ready for tomorrow when they do the connection and wait for the city to perform their inspections. As far as the house there was not much going on. The plumber and/or electrician might stop by. They are both good but bad with their schedule. They are a week late from when they had to be done. I'm glad in my schedule I had three weeks as contingencies. 

This reminds me that I need to get the new kitchen exhaust installed. They squished it during installation of the modular boxes when they inserted 3" conduits for the mini-splits lines to be run. Basically the exhaust went from a 6" diameter to a 3" x 8" rectangle and back to a 6" diameter. This creates a wind tunnel and will damage the exhaust equipment much quicker. The bad thing is that we are not even going to use the conduits.

Photo taken day of install of the modular units. I saw it when they did it so I knew it would have to be fixed. The good thing is that Excel will be reimbursing me for the fix.

Also, 84 lumber delivered the stairs to the basement As with most items in the house we built it in the factory to save time and money. It looks beautifully. Oak treads ready which will be stained to match the wood floor. I can't wait to install it. 

Stairs looking good.