Day 48 - Working 9 to 5 + a Few More Hours / by eric teran

A productive day. I wanted to accomplish more due to my optimistic attitude but we made progress. Where to start. 

7:00 - 8:00
Met with Walter the plumber. He knows what he is doing. The only problem is that he has lots of projects going on so I'm glad he is squeezing me in. We figured out everything we needed to do and he went off to Home Depot to buy some materials.

8:00 - 9:30
Dave from Carbide Construction swung by to walk the project. We visited every room and discussed what was missing, what needs to be fixed and how we are going to do it? If all goes well we will have the big sliding door and fireplace installed. We are moving forward. 

9:30 - 10:30
I finally began working today after meetings my first two hours. I was hoping to start work at 7:00. I quickly streamline the process of cutting 2x4 to install for the window frame. The Superior Walls provided the opening to be big enough so that I could frame on site and have a recessed window. It was a great process. I was happy to use my Dewalt circular saw. However, I have to buy a new hammer. My 10 oz. hammer is not enough for real nails. 

10:30 - 11:00
Finally time for some IKEA cabinet building! I got through 1.5 cabinets and then it was off to see Daniela and Pedro to pick some flooring.

Kitchen naked and bare waiting for their cabinets

11:00 - 14:00
We went floor shopping for some hardwood and hopefully we found the right one. We need to order soon due to the lead time or else we will be stuck with whatever they have in stock. 

14:00 - 20:30
A full house. Daniela, Pedro, Tim, Juan Sebastian and myself. 
-Daniela worked on painting the changing table for Tadeo. I can't believe she is helping around the house 6 months pregnant with a stomach hernia. Daniela impresses me. 
-Pedro had a long day of playing in the mud and when he was done with that he played in the mud some more. He finished off the day by playing in the mud and making mud man.
-Tim from work showed up to help and shortly after Juan Sebastian did as well. I put Tim to work on the master bathroom. We have decided to make the shower opening wider to allow for more natural light. All was going well until we discovered two risers in the wall. One was for radon and the other for venting. The opening went from 30" to 48" which allows for additional light. It is going to look.
-Juan Sebastian installed the remaining liquid fluid applied membrane on the window frames. This technique was easy but it was harder and more time consuming than I thought. Afterwards he wrestled with one of the IKEA cabinets. 
-I went from one side to another and then back. I guess I was the manager managing but not much working. I did manage to build one more IKEA cabinet.

Daniela pregnant and working. No excuses.

Pedro was able to find all the mud and then some. Needless to say this is his new construction clothes.

By weekday an Architect By weekend a Demolishing Man!

Juan Sebastian doing his best not to get too dirty while working with very sticky liquid applied flashing.

Pedro a five year old has lots of uses for tape. After arresting mommy he thought that he should arrest himself. I'm glad the tape only cost $2.50. 

20:30 - 22:30
-Drove Tim and then Juan Sebastian home.

Until tomorrow.