Day 47 - Snow Becomes Mud / by eric teran

It turns out that Juan let me down. I decided to give him one more chance today and if he said he would be there first thing this morning I would let him install the basement windows. I called and he said he might make it in the afternoon so I said never mind and I will do it myself. I don't mind shuffling my schedule and making it work. However, two days straight and a third without a confirmation was enough.

Instead I rushed over to Smoot Lumber Company to go buy some fluid applied membrane. After a long night of research I settled on using Huber Liquid Apply rather than the typical flashing (sticky tape placed all along the window). This might cost a little more but I believe it is more efficient for stopping water getting into the house. It also seems easier to install. I watched a YouTube video and I am all ready for tomorrow's installation.

I emailed some friends the offer of beer and pizza if they will help me tomorrow with all my projects. One of them accepted. Let's hope he shows up tomorrow. It is going be a very busy day tomorrow. I will be there almost all day installing the windows and finally doing the IKEA cabinets. Time is getting tight but we can do it!

Mike the electrician installing the wires into the panels. Lots of wires.

All the mini-split lines now installed. Lots of holes. Next time I'll be sure we install it correctly in the factory. Lesson Learned.