Day 46 - Field Trip / by eric teran

This morning I bought some 2x4 for my basement windows. I think I had some lying around but there was ice all over them. I will just use those for something else. Don't worry I won't be wasting any materials. We had a morning outing with the family to Home Depot! One of our favorite places to be that has both gardening supplies to grow beautiful trees and landscaping devices to cut them down when we are annoyed with them.

Squeezing into the car with 8 - 2" x 4" x 10'. Pedro is somewhere in the back. We promised our car that after we are done with the house we will treat it to a detail. Maybe two.

Hopefully Juan will be installing the windows and Mike the electrician will begin his part. Now I have to go buy the bathtub and set up the order for the drywall for the end of next week. Lots going on and this is just for the house building part of my life.