Day 31 - Santa Claus now has a Chimney / by eric teran

All is well as the set crew finishing installing the remaining items such as the chimney and reinforcing the porch until we backfill. The most important item was achieved yesterday when we had the house water tight. It was a good thing because within 30 minutes there was heavy rain. I have been extremely lucky with the weather. We went 30 days with no climate issues other than the very first day. Today there was a brief thunderstorm. However, that doesn't really matter as we are watertight! 

The next few days we will be ordering materials and scheduling the subs to complete the trades. If all goes well we might be able to move in mid-April.  

The chimney installed and the roof porch ready to be shingled. 

Looking up inside the chimney shaft. Should be interesting to see how they are going to install the flue to the top.

One last photo of the crane before it left. It was so heavy it ruined my construction entry. I'll probably have to fix that because the storms have cause there to be a small puddle. Lots of mud today.