Day 44 - It's a Wonderful Time of the Year / by eric teran

It was nice being famous for a day. At least famous to my family, friends and coworkers. Now it is back to work. No more signing autographs. Except that it snowed last night and it is cold. Not Santa's Village cold but cold enough that I could leave my uncooked meat outside.

Finally there is some Winter weather in the DC area. No work today and probably none tomorrow.

I went to the house to see how it was handling its first real winter. Up to this point it had not snowed since the first day of construction on January 30. The snow is about 6 inches and should be melted in a few days. However my construction entry might be a mess with water and mud. I might have to buy more gravel.

Window wells are doing their job. Now we just have to install windows. 

After a few snow photos I went to work to earn a living and pay for all this. The plan after work was to come back and install the IKEA cabinets, However, when I got home Pedro was waiting for me at home to go sledding. Pedro always wins.