Day 41 - A Birthday Party trumps Construction / by eric teran

Pedro had to attend his best friend's birthday party so I was the one that took him. It was Lego themed and even had a green Lego carrot birthday cake. Of course I had two slices. I did manage to stop by the site in the morning and saw Carbide Construction with their crew out there wrapping up the house. That involves all the waterproofing (white paper on the walls) being neatly stapled to the plywood. It also included all the eaves and fascia being installed. the majority of those pieces were just lying inside the living room and had to be installed once the house was installed. There were four guys out there and they knocked it out in a day. Once we finish backfilling the house will be ready to have the siding installed. I guess we also have to wait until the siding is delivered. 

Notice the soffit, eave and fascia neatly installed. The soffit contains a pattern with holes that allows for the ventilation of the attic. Speaking of attics, we have huge one! Low on the head room but big. The reason the head room is low is that if there was a clear space of more than 5' then it would count towards the allowable square footage of the home.

I was also extremely please with my mechanical guys. I showed up this morning and they had more installed than I thought. These guys are quick and professional. They also do regular ducted systems. I will recommend Thermal Comfort to everyone. Very professional and they know what they are doing. 

The wall unit installed. We had to cut a few holes in the wall because Excel did not install the correct lines. No worries because they gave me some credit. Next time we will do it correctly from the beginning.

6 of the 9 lines have been installed. These will run to the three Mini-Split condenser units. One for each floor. All three will probably be the size of about one typical condenser unit. They are also a lot quieter than a traditional condenser. 

Those same 6 lines coming down from the basement and then drilled to the exterior. The black line are the correct materials. The copper that is also shown is incorrect. I will remove those and use them for the basement water supply and sell the left overs to a scrap yard.