Day 29 - A Funeral, A Trailer and the Case of the Missing Permit(s) / by eric teran

Where to start!?!?

Last week I learned that the bank would not be sending my draw requests until I updated the Building Permit to include the Title company as a Mechanics Lien on the permit. I was okay with that and it wasn't until two days later that I was told that we would receive no money until that was resolved. I went first thing this morning to revise the permit. After 20 minutes and $30 I had a revised permit. Mission Accomplished.

Just in case I walked over to the T&ES (Transportation & Environment Services) to check on my permit for tomorrow's modular unit delivery. At the counter I learned that the transportation company had yet to apply for a permit!?!? I immediately called Brett at Excel Homes and he emailed me all the permits. Long story short after numerous phone calls I think, I believe, I hope that it was resolved. The last status update I had was that Jay from the transportation service was talking to Lance the manager at T&ES about this predicament. It is 19:13 and I haven't heard anything. Let's go with ignorance is bliss on this one. The trailers need an oversize permit to travel from the I-395 to the churches parking lot where they will stay overnight. Throughout the day tomorrow the trailers will go to our property and unload. Eventually all the trailers will be stacked on one and it will return on the I-395-495-270 and so on back to Liverpool, Pennsylvania. The permit was missing the route from the church to our property! 

If that wasn't enough we thought the trailers would arrive today after 14:00. Perfect timing so that the funeral that was schedule at noon would vacate the premises. It turns out that there was barely any traffic this morning and the trailers arrive at 12:37 to the parking lot! I received frantic emails from Jennifer at the church asking what to do. There was nothing anyone could do. The trailers just sat in the middle of the street and waited until the funeral was over and everyone left. The police swung by and everything went smoothly. The trucks are now parked in place taking a much need nap for their big day tomorrow!

The modular units finally arrive! They are only 2.1 miles from our property!

If only that was the only drama of the day. Lastly which was really the first thing this morning was that I dropped Daniela off at Mosaic Tile Company to pick out all the tile for the house. I made sure to mention to stay within budget. However when I think budget it is much lower number than Daniela's. When I got back from the city some of the prices did scare me because I still consider a combo meal from McDonald's for more than $2.99 as expensive. Don't get me started on how we flew from Madrid to Rome for 1 Euro in 2010. After that even a 20 Euro plane ticket from Madrid to London seemed expensive.  We are spending more on tile but we saved some on concrete. Plus the tile Daniela picked is beautiful and the price is actually decent. Another point for Daniela being correct.

Here are some photos of the modular units being built at the Excel Home Modular plant in Liverpool, Pennsylvania.

On the factory floor. Windows and building wrap have been installed.

The modular unit in the factory waiting to be taking outside.

Interior of the first floor looking towards what will be the kitchen.

Some plumbing and wiring installed in the factory. Notice the use of a truss rather than a standard joist. This allows for pipping and wiring to be easily installed.

The house shown in the parking lot back in mid-January. It has been sitting there waiting for a place to call its home. Tomorrow it arrives!!!