Day 27 - Slab is Poured Thunderstorm Roams / by eric teran

I met Juan at the property to give him some check and talk about him getting his crew out their to frame the loading bearing wall that will support a side of the modular units. This has to 100% be complete before the units are installed. We are cutting it close but we still have time. 

Basement slab poured. The reason we settled on the slab height was that per code it has to be 44" from the bottom of the window to be considered an egress window.

We drove to Chantilly (37 minutes away) to a place called Mosaic Tile. I knew that there was one only 5 minutes from our house but was told this one was bigger and better. Turns out this one is smaller. Oh well. Pedro and his friend Lily picked out tile and were excited to have each wall a different tile. Daniela liked what she saw so we set up an appointment with one of the designer's for Monday morning. However, on Monday we are going to the showroom near us. We will finalize all our decision then and there. Hopefully it only comes to slightly over the budget.

I'm glad they forgot their choices because they went with the eclectic look of a different tile on each wall.

I took Pedro and Lilly to the property and they happily played in the newly poured slab. There was not much to do other than just admire. I spoke to Jose the excavator and he gave me a new plan for the garage foundation. He is going to backfill and compact with the good dirt on the lot. Then he will remove the plywood and place some gravel. I might owe him a day worth of work but it will be less than gravel. Plus I would rather pay him than a company. 

I knew the kids loved the mounds of dirt but an open slab with rain coming down is just as entertaining. The 20 minute storm caused the framers to delay the walls until Monday.