Day 25 - An Excavator Loves One Thing ... Too Dig / by eric teran

I met Jose again to explain to him that the Soils engineer requested that we scrape the topsoil off of the garage foundation so that the #57 gravel sits on firm soil. I figured a few inches. Boy was I wrong! In the afternoon the soils engineer sent me a photo showing one big giant hole! Not Good! Jose decided all the dirt was bad and had to go. That just cost me another $700 for gravel and form boards for the footing. However, the soils engineer did say that if it was his house he would have done the same thing. 

The last of the excavation. I hope. 

This means that tomorrow we will only be installing the house slab and not the garage slab as well. The garage slab will not happen until Wednesday after we install the modular home on Tuesday. The garage is definitely behind schedule but at this point I might not have enough money to finish it.