Day 9 - The Decision to Delay / by eric teran

More digging and starting to worry that Superior Walls arrives on Monday the 13th and I don't think we will be ready. I call John at Superior Walls to delay the delivery one day for Tuesday the 14th. They are able to accommodate my request but after Tuesday there is no more leeway as the next available day would be a week away! In the meantime we finally start to export some dirt.

A temporary ramp was made for the Bobcat to be able to load into the dump truck.

I calculated between 25-30 trucks would be needed to remove all the excavated dirt. However, we will only export about 15 trucks and save the rest of the dirt to backfill the open areas and raise the grade around the house so that there is a slope away from the house. 

I also spoke to the city today to find out when inspections were required for Superior Walls. Originally we planned to provide special inspections since this is not a typical system. However, the Building Department confirmed that they were familiar enough that this was not required. That just saved us around $1,200. I really like good news.