Day 20 - Pittsburgh / by eric teran

Pedro convinced us to go see his best friend Hektor in Pittsburgh for the weekend. We caved in and say yes even though we have so much to do and it is a four hour drive. It was a great decision because I actually slept more than eight hours on Friday night and I can't wait to see how many I sleep on Saturday night. My body and mind needed to relax and I will be ready for the upcoming week of hectic events. Good decision!

Not like the decision I made when I decided to go with Contractor #2. I gave them a deposit for the modular company to start their construction plans. However I quickly started to see the same mistakes and excuses as with Contractor #1. This is nothing to due with the Contractors but everything due to with the modular companies. 

It was not working out and I did not want to wate anymore time. At the end of January I looked at another option to build with SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) which are super efficient. I spoke to PanelWrights who I have worked with before on another project. They referred me to their local contractor and he gave me an estimate within days within my price range. I made the switch to Contractor #3 and using SIPs instead of a modular home. I would shortly regret this decision.