Day 18 - Oh Where Oh Where Does My Poop Go? / by eric teran

I went to the site ready to meet the plumber this morning but he did not show up before I left. I wanted to meet him because with long delay in starting construction I redesigned the bathroom which gave us more space in the storage room. I left him the plans and prayed that he followed the newest layout. The Architect's worse enemy is time. We are always thinking of how we can make a design better. With no time limit we always change our minds. That is also another good feature of building with modular homes. There is no time to change your mind.

My plumber, Walter did show up later in the morning. It has been very hard to get an accurate bid for my plumbing because there is a lot of work in the basement but minimal on the first and second floor due to the modular homes. A lot of contractors do not understand this. I decided to pay Walter for only the rough in work for now and once the modular homes arrives we will see exactly what needs to be done. This way he can give me a fair bid and I know that it is accurate.

The rough plumbing is installed below grade with their p-traps and slopes.

Before I left the site another 40 tons of gravel showed up. However this time is was #57 which is a bigger size gravel.  It cost the same and I might have ordered too much. Originally I thought the excavation was too deep by a few inches. In actuality it was only 1/2" off. Pretty damn good when acceptable excavating tolerances are 2" - 3". Whatever gravel is left over will be used for under the garage slab and footings.

More gravel but this time #57 stone. Should be enough for the basement slab and the garage slab.

Later in the morning when I went to call for a plumbing inspection tomorrow I learned that the building permit does not entail the plumbing permits. Not good as I wanted to call for an inspection tomorrow! Even worse is that Monday is a holiday so no working is allowed in the city. NOOOOO! I apply online and hope for the best so that I can get a Tuesday inspection. It looks like I'm going use up all my contingency days.