Day 16 - Superior Walls Installation Quicker than my Morning Commute / by eric teran

Superior Walls came they saw and they conquered! I met with john at 7:30 am and the site looked good. He expected that the job would be done between 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Gravel place and compacted. Ready for Superior Walls.

1/2" Rebar was place 1" above the bottom of each corner so that the walls would be perfectly aligned.

Pedro next to our hole around 8:00 am

I planned to take a few of my architect friends at lunch to see the installation. However, John called at 10:15 and said they were more than half way done! I tried to round up my friends and then got stuck in a meeting until noon. After picking up Pedro from school we finally arrive and everything was installed! Not even the crane or trailers carrying the panels were left. Only John in his SUV waiting for me to pay the bill. 

I was lucky the John took a photo of the first wall being installed a little before 9:00 am. Before the began installation they used a compactor to get the walls exactly aligned. So aligned that they are not more than an 1/8" off. Amazing!

Daniela next to the hole around 12:00 pm ... with all the walls in place!!!

I was ecstatic to see the walls installed. However, I was a little disappointed that I did not get to see any of the installation process. I was hoping to get a ton of photos and videos but alas it was not meant to be. Who knew that a 156 feet of basement walls can be Installed in 2.5 hours. A traditional built basement wall would take at least three weeks to build. Add another week if you include the installation of insulation, furring strips, damproofing and drilling holes to run plumbing and electricity. Superior Walls cost $17,995.70. This price is equivalent to a traditional built wall. It might even be cheaper once you add the money that was saved on time. I saved at least $1,500 on holding cost by finishing my walls in one day compared to four weeks. Add another $1,500 because they do the structural drawings so there was no need for a structural engineer. 

View to the interior of the basement. Notice how all the insulation, furring and holes are already installed. Superior Walls is saving me at least a month.

Corner detail showing the bolted connection. You an also see the sealant that provides the waterproofing between each panel.

Saving time and money! This is a winning system and when I can I will be using Superior Walls on all my projects!

I did not make it for the installation but you can see how Superior Walls are made and installed HERE.