Day 2 - The real First Day of Construction / by eric teran

Time to move dirt. All the snow has melted. The corners of the house were staked months ago and today we finally move dirt! We didn't move dirt. I met with general contractor and the excavator precisely at 7:13 am. I didn't pick that time it was just that we all showed up late to our 7:00 am meeting. We walked around the site and looked at the stakes and agreed everything was there and that was it. I was disappointed that they were not ready to start. I believe they were still finishing another job which means yesterday's snow was a weak excuse not to start.

No dirt moving today. We wasted another day. Granted I only gave them a weeks notice for my start date but they agreed to start on Monday the 30th. The snow was an okay excuse but not today. I can't get too mad as I am not prepared to find someone else at this stage. This is the team and we are going make it work. Tomorrow we move dirt. Tomorrow. 

The lot is cleared and ready for excavation just not today.