Day 1 - Construction begins on Casa Tortuga / by eric teran

January 30th what a relief. After an 18 month delay in starting construction for Casa Tortuga (as my son has nicknamed our house) we will finally move dirt. Those 18 months of heartache are told for another day. Today we move dirt. Construction cannot be more complicated than those 18 months. As an Architect I thought I knew what I was doing during those 18 months. however, contractors and banks happened. I have an idea about construction so let's get to it.

Today we move dirt. It did not snow yesterday as forecast. Smooth sailing from here on out. We move dirt today. I can finally tell my grandpa the good news. I can tell everyone. We moved dirt today or so I thought we would. Instead it was a glorious morning for my son. I opened the blinds to a white covered patio filled with snow! Snow! Snow! I can't even see the dirt that I want to move. No moving dirt for me. No dirt just snow.

View from my patio on what I thought would be the first day of construction delayed due to snow

My wife Daniela simply stated, "I will believe it when I see it." The patience Daniela has shown is remarkable. She would have been happy just buying a house. I sometimes think that I would have as well. However, we now have real pressure because at the end of June we are having another baby. The pressure is now really on! Okay on day 2 we move dirt.